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Unexpected Nail Polish Inspiration: 1950's Bathroom Tiles

In this month's issue of Lucky, we feature the insanely cool Gina Carney and her new nail polish line called RGB. I'm a sucker for the neutrals, but my new favorite,"Minty," is on the brighter side. It reminds me of my absolute favorite color: the aqua of mid-century bathroom tiles/kitchen appliances/furniture from the 1950s--so vintage, so freakin glamorous.

It's glamorous in the way that makes me envision Julianne Moore in A Single Man staring at herself in her bathroom mirror, with rollers in hair, putting on her make-up, while smoking a cigarette and drinking a martini. They never actually showed Julianne's bathroom, but I know that the tiles were this color. I just do. I only have Minty on my left hand because I'm not skilled enough for left handed polish application, but I'm going to beg Simone for some assistance with the other. I've been scolded for walking around with half of a paint job, so I had better hurry.

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