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4 Questions For: Rachel Comey

In this new video series, some of our favorite designers spill on their inspirations and Fashion Week survival tips.

Rachel Comey's quirky prints and unexpected color palette always leave us with the feeling: We'd be so much cooler in these clothes! Her fall '10 collection includes perfect oxford-style shoes, high-waisted trousers, and feminine dresses (beauty note: mussed-up hair provided the pitch-perfect accent to the ladylike pieces).

Click through for pictures of our favorite look from the show and Comey's personal fave, leather socks!

We loved this look because not only did it scream fashionable-but-not-overly-fashion-y, but also each one of these pieces can be mixed in with basics for a completely new, of-the-moment look.

The richly-hued leather oxfords (below) may look like boots, but they are actually paired with Rachel's favorite piece from this collection: leather socks.

The dress, below, is our fave: It is totally wearable and the type of piece that can easily be worn into fall with a heeled clog and wool stockings. The beautiful print somehow doesn't overpower the delicacy of the dress.

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