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4 Questions For: United Bamboo

In this new video series, some of our favorite designers spill on their inspirations and Fashion Week survival tips.

United Bamboo designers Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham may not be able to put their fingers on what exactly gets them through Fashion Week, but whatever it was served them quite well--we loved the duo's fall 2010 runway show. The line was both poetic and fearless, two qualities also embodied by the girl they envision wearing the clothes.

Click through for the piece Aoki will be getting the most use out of this fall, and the item we want in our closets right now...

Though most designers feel that choosing just one piece as a favorite is an almost impossibly task, Aoki did claim that the piece she'll probably get the most use out of would be this coat that zips up on an asymmetrical angle.

The second this gray jacket (below) appeared we knew we had discovered, quite possibly, one of the best iterations of the over-size blazer. Remember Elise'sindoor jacket post? Here's another perfect option.

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