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Real or Fake? Yoogi's Closet Offers Insider Vintage-Buying Tips

Eugenia "Yoogi" Han, owner of the high-end resale site Yoogi's Closet, has an unfailing eye for determining any item's authenticity. This week, she'll guide Lucky readers through the delicate art of buying pre-owned and vintage designer accessories.

A Lucky reader asks: Are there any sites that sell verified vintage designer bags?

Eugenia: The market for pre-owned authentic designer bags is fairly fragmented.There are some trustworthy and reliable businesses along with a largenumber of smaller ones that rely primarily on eBay as their saleschannel. A good resource to help you navigate the marketplace isMyPoupette.com, a site that focuses on listing businesses that have aproven track record of only selling authentic luxury goods.

Anothergreat resource is PurseForum. This online community has very useful forums in which you can post an item to have authenticated by the community experts.

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