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Name to Know: Eudon Choi

Dover Street Market snatched up Eudon Choi'sgraduate collection after his master's degree at the Royal College ofArt; Savannah Miller snatched him up to be the senior designer forTwenty8Twelve soon after. That's two strong ticks in the "He's GotTalent" column. Here's another: he's now designing his own label, andit's full of meticulously cut jackets and tech-slick outerwear.

Tightly rounded shoulders on an olive wool military jacket gives it aperfectly sharp, feminine fit. Utility-inspired anoraks (bothcropped and long) feel like satin but are totally waterproof and havea slightly Elizabethan vibe with their fuller sleeves, high collars,and equestrian leather buckles. I'm crossing my gloved fingers they'llbe available in the U.S. this fall.

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