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The Face Wash I Wanted to Hate, But Ended Up Hopelessly Falling For

I am a Shu Uemura cleansing oil loyalist (a loilist?); Jean turned me onto it a while ago, and though I had the usual why-am-I-dunking-my-face-in-oil qualms, it took, like, 30 seconds for me to realize how gloriously clean and moisturized and un-oily my face felt after rinsing it off. Each bottle is mammoth, and thus lasts a freakishly long time--we're talking months upon months upon months.

But then, finally, I ran out.

I ran out at a moment when my skin was becoming increasingly captious--in particular, it was getting the awesome little chin breakouts that are particularly uncool and un-coverable. I don't blame the oil wash; I blame hormones and winter and our landlord's apparent desire to turn the apartment building into a Scottsdale, Arizona microclimate. And so I was temporarily oil-cleanserless when a bag arrived from Frenchie/natural company Sampar, containing a new face wash mousse. Meh. Mousse leaves me cold. But a wash is a wash, so I took it home as an interim cleanser, prepared to find it lacking. But then! THEN!! Within a matter of three days of using it, ALL breakouts were gone. Pff, gone, magic. My conclusion: The Shu is for when your skin needs to be coddled, and the Sampar is for when your skin needs to be whipped into shape. I am officially obsessed, and very contrite about being all judgey.

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