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Wiksten Made: Sweet (But Not Sugary) Valentine's Day Fashion

Brooklyn-based Jenny Gordy spends most of her time designing the adorable, knit-heavy collection Wiksten, but in her spare moments she also authors an equally impressive blog, wikstenmade.blogspot.com. This week, she's sharing loads of chic DIY projects and cool retro-ish finds on Lucky Right Now.

I know a lot of people dislike Valentine's Day because they find it toosugary sweet, too commercial, and altogether nauseating. But I'm notone of those people. Let me preface this by saying that I'm not agirly-girl at all. I don't own any pink clothing or anythingruffled. However, Valentine's Day is the one day of the year that I can be as girly as it gets and feel like I have an excuse. I can eat candy conversation hearts until it feels like my teeth aregoing to fall out, make silly valentines out of construction paper formy loved ones, and have a fancy overpriced dinner with my husband whilewhispering appallingly cheesy sweet nothings in his ear. In otherwords, I choose to break out of character and just have fun with it.

Sobring on the ruffles and the pink this year! I want to look sweet, butin a sophisticated way (nothing too Pepto), which is why I'll bewearing blush colors in simple shapes.

If I'm feeling really festive, I might even don these cute heart tightsfrom Urban Outfitters. But I'll definitely have to add a piece of toughjewelry to the ensemble to keep it from being too cloying, like this Samma necklace from Jumelle (one of my favorite neighborhood shops).

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