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My Top 5: Skinny Jeans

Like most impassioned denim wearers, my life is one long search for the perfect pair. They can't be too stretchy, they can't look distressed, they can't get too stretched out after wearing them--and I have a strict no-embellishment-of-any-kind policy. If you hold yourself to similar denim standards, you might want to give these a try:

Left: J Brand "The Oslo" jeans. Right: Acne Hex DC jeans

J Brand "The Oslo" in indigo: I had to buy two pairs of these because I wear them so often. The 29-inch inseam is the perfect length because it's short enough to show your entire shoe, but they aren't cropped. These look great with flats and ankle boots and there is never any awkward bunching at the bottom. I love the ten-inch leg opening (most pairs have a fourteen-inch opening) because it's so much more slimming.

Acne Hex DC: Assistant beauty editor (and my friend) Simone Kitchens looks so amazing in them that I HAD to copy her. We love these because they don't get too stretched out and the dark wash is super easy to dress up and down.

Levi's jeggings

Levi's 5-pocket legging: There is nothing more authentic-looking than that little red Levi's tag on the back pocket. To me it says, "I am too cool to spend $300 on designer jeans, but I still look good."

Left: Uniqlo straight skinny jeans. Right: Rag & Bone "The Skinny" jean

Uniqlo straight skinny medium-rise: Uniqlo also makes a great, inexpensive option. You can get me to try just about any pair of jeans if they only cost $20, but these actually fit perfectly.

Rag & Bone "The Skinny": My weekend uniform consists of two components: this medium blue wash and a white t-shirt. These are reminiscent of the '70s, but in a subtle way, so they still feel modern.

Tell me about your favorite pair of skinny jeans!

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