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Postcard From Paris: Louis Vuitton

Therewas a retro feel to the proceedings at Marc Jacobs' Louis Vuitton showeven before the first model strolled around the splashing circularfountain.

The clear plastic walls of the tent, built in a courtyard inthe Louvre, allowed you to get a sense of history by seeing the museum, andmade it all feel very French and special. Set to Gershwin-esque oldHollywood movie music, Jacobs showed a lineup of '50s-inspired looksthat gave you the impression Audrey Hepburn might pop out for a turn onthe runway (as it was, Elle Macpherson, Bar Refaeli and Laetitia Castawere the surprise appearances).

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There were calf-length circle skirtsand full-skirted dresses; nipped-waist jackets; princess coats;rhinestone-covered heel pumps with flat bows, and, like at Prada inMilan, lots of breasts on display from the considerable number ofcorsets. For 54 looks, there was not much variation in the silhouette,but what did change were the bags paired with every outfit.

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For fall2010, Jacobs has reinterpreted Vuitton's iconic "speedy bag" which isnow 80 years old. The new bags, as the program noted, have been"flocked and sequined, woven in metallic threads, remade in cloque andin guipure lace over duchess satin," and sport the LV logo pattern in"fox, shaved goat and hand-painted crocodile." Hopefully PETA didn'tget a look at the program.

Photos: WWD

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