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Reconsider: The Backpack

Let'splay a quick game: What comes to mind when you hear the word backpack? Tweeners with fluorescent purple Hannah Montana bags on their way toart class? Hikers making their way across the Appalachian Mountains with theirL.L.Bean camping packs?

Well, after seeing backpacks everywhere on therunways--from Marc Jacobs' collection for Louis Vuitton to AlexanderWang--I can safely say the next time you hear that question, you mayvery well answer, "fashion-forward girls making a quick dash intoBarneys."

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I, for one, never liked the look of a backpack. I refused to carry one inschool; it just seemed so unfashionable.Until now, that is. I am obsessed with theirutility (hands-free!)--and thanks to designers like Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel backpack, above), their deep stylishness!

Here, a few options available now: Balenciaga, Prada, and this version from Newport News, which is an incredible steal at $44.

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