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Do You Foist Onto Others the Things That You Really Want for Yourself?

Like--hypothetically speaking, of course--if you're a fashion editor and you're working on a story about little white dresses and that's about the only thing you want to be wearing lately and there are way more options out there than you necessarily have budgeted for...so you obviously can't buy ALL of them.

But you love each style so much that you want SOMEONE to buy it. And you've realized that there are three really killer choices and you can only have one, but can't bear to see the other two not find a good home. So the question is: Which one do you buy and which ones do you, um, coerce your best friends into buying?

Here are the three dresses in question. Oh, and consider the fact that each one of these is perfect for a different occasion so technically, buying all three would not be redundant or excessive.

A. A great option for day by Joie that could be layered over leggings and wedges or a pair of ballet flats (left)

B. An evening dress by Banana Republic for those summer nights that you spend at a garden party sipping champagne and eating canapes (middle)

C. The sexiest throw-it-on-and-run-out-the-door option by Alexander Wang that requires nothing more than a great pair of heels (right)

And the kind of spectacular thing about buying them now is that Shopbop and Banana Republic are part of the massive cash back promotion on Lucky Shopping running through Friday, so technically, were she to buy all three, she would get $90 cash back.

Do you do this too? When you can't buy EVERYTHING on your list, do you encourage one of your friends to purchase it?

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