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Textile Elizabeth and James: Everything I Wish I Had Saved from My High School Closet

There's a running joke between online fashion editor Jacqueline Nasser and me. Every time we come across a product that we love on Lucky Shopping, this conversation ensues:

"I LOVE this [insert shoe/shirt/dress/pant here]!"

"Yes! Perfect. So cute...Who makes it?"

[insert laughter here]

"Wait. Don't tell me. Elizabeth and James?"

"Of course."

So it came as no surprise to us that at the fall 2010 press preview for the line, we were both mentally creating an enormous shopping list--for our stories, of course, but, naturally, also for ourselves--that now includes denim. A three-piece denim line called Textile Elizabeth and James is hitting stores right now, and for fall, the offerings will include the pieces you no doubt owned in high school that you're kicking yourself for throwing away: perfectly-worn sweatshirts and beat-up men's-style flannel shirts. Needless to say, it's pretty darn perfect, and I embarrassingly kind of yelped with delight when I saw the 'Joni' jean (bottoms snipped off just like my super-stylish best friend from middle school used to coerce me to do). More pictures here (and links to order RIGHT NOW!).

The collection is named after iconic rock stars with killer style: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, Debbie Harry, and Iggy Pop (to name a few).

Men's-style flannel shirt, $185, available this fall

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