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New Collaboration: Missoni Meets Converse

These high-tops are stopping people in their tracks. I have a sample pair at my desk, and every passerby picks them up, examines the hypnotically cool zig-zag pattern, and asks, "These aren't Missoni, are they?" Oh yes. They are.

If all of the oglers buy a pair, we'll have a veritable Missoni for Chuck Taylor-clad army in the Lucky offices.

And it's easy to understand the fixation: the pattern is amazing, and so unexpected on sneakers. Plus, the darker shades in the print make these fall- and winter-ready, but the streaks of pink and blue and yellow also work for summer. And if you're into mixing prints (and you should be!) these would look brilliant with a cool floral skirt.

Pairs are available at Missoni boutiques (in NY and Beverly Hills) and Jeffrey's (in NY and Atlanta).

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

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