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Ever Wonder How A Chanel Bag Is Made?

The women I know fall into two categories: Those who own a quilted Chanel handbag and those who don't. And I think it's pretty safe to say that most of those who don't fall into the first category, would like to--myself included.

The classic 2.55 quilted purse was created by visionary Coco Chanel when she realized that traditional handheld bags were simply no longer practical for modern, busy women. As a result, the shoulder strap made its debut within the fashion world. Two versions of the bag were produced, a lambskin style for day and a silk or jersey version for night. Each one featured discreet interior pockets, a lining that was just as carefully created as the shell, and a handcrafted quilted exterior.

The full display at the Chanel store.

While today it's Karl and not Coco helming the house, each quilted bag is produced with the same attention to detail. And for a limited time, the luxury house is letting you glimpse the seven-step process with a fascinating exhibit. Naturally, the display is visually stunning: mannequins carry flat-screen TVs like purses, each screen playing a video loop that showcases all the manual labor.

Check it out before its gone: The exhibit runs through May 16 atthe Chanel store on 15 East 57th Street in New York City.

Showcasing step 3, the assembly, and step 4, the shaping.

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