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How Much Would You Pay for an Indestructible Umbrella?

Two days ago, an amazing WSJ article came out about why it's nearly impossible to find a decent umbrella. (It also includes a rather brilliant diagram on umbrella etiquette. Why didn't someone write about this before?)

As a New Yorker, I found the piece to be a revelation.

Left: The Totes umbrella mentioned in the WSJ. Right: The Knirps umbrella I will be buying.

I have a terrible time with umbrellas. I buy styles small enough to fit inside my purse, but they end up being flimsy. Additionally, I can't hold my morning to-go coffee while trying to open and close my umbrella, so I'm left uncaffeinated until I get to work--not ideal.

According to the WSJ , the average price paid for an umbrella these days is $6 (a steal considering that they contain more than 150 parts). After reading the article, I've started looking into the newest, strongest offerings available, like this Totes model ($50) that is windproof up to 40 mph. And I've determined that my next purchase will be the Knirps Fiber T2 ($45.74)--a style that is highly wind resistant and features an automatic opening and closing mechanism.

How much would you pay for a good umbrella?

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