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Jonathan Adler For Seven For All Mankind: His Must-Have Piece

"I felt like this was a natural next step," said home decor designer Jonathan Adler last night at the launch party for his collaboration with Seven for All Mankind. "I love Seven," he said, "because they make great, accessible clothes."

That accessibility extends to Adler's jeans and vibrantly-printed sportswear for the denim label. Available now at the brand's website and various locations, pieces are priced between $90 and $210.

Jonathan Adler's collection for Seven For All Mankind

On whether or not it was difficult to do clothing after spending his professional career focused on the home, Adler simply stated, "design is design," but he did say that he didn't need to re-invent the wheel with the jeans. "Denim is their thing. So I mainly just added details."

His favorite piece from the collection is a bright scarf and T-shirt combo; the top features a detachable button on the back on the neck so each piece can be worn separately. This little innovation also keeps the scarf from moving around when it's worn with the tee. Clearly, Adler knows a thing or two about good design.

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