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Lauren Bush Creates Two New FEED Bags, In Color

How did Lauren Bush celebrate Mother's Day? With the launch of two new FEED bags. Co-founded in 2006 by Bush and Ellen Gustafson, FEED Projects was created to raise money to help feed hungry children. This past Friday, the pair hosted a Mother's Day tea at the Lord & Taylor flagship in Manhattan to introduce the two bags: the Guatemala 1 pouch ($19) and the Guatemala 3 tote ($39), both of which can be purchased exclusively at Lord & Taylor stores and its website.

Buying a FEED Guatemala 1 or 3 bag donates $3.50 or $10.50, respectively, to the US Fund for UNICEF--and those amounts support either one or three children in Guatemala for an entire year with daily nutrient powder that supplements their food supply.

"Once you see the realities, it is very shocking," says Bush. "Kids there are getting food, but not nutrition."

Flanked by their mothers, FEED Projects co-founders Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson show off their new FEED Guatemala 3 bags.

Bright and colorful, a departure from the standard brown burlap-sack FEED bags, the new additions to the line are made from the country's native ikat fabrics."I love the traditional textiles of Guatemala," says Bush, who specifically wore a dress that matched her bag.

As if the bags weren't cool enough, they are made by local women through a partnership with Nest, a non-profit organization that gives female artisans interest-free micro-finance loans and helps them create successful small businesses. "So this is really giving back in more ways than one," says Bush.

FEED Guatemala 1 pouches on sale at the event.

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