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Please come visit me (and Lily Raskind from Sunshine & Shadow) in Madison, WI!

I'm about to embark on a mini-tour of the country with Lands' End Canvas--I'll be in their stores in Madison (May 15), Boston (June 5), Seattle (June 11), and Portland (June 12) dispensing styling advice.

If you come and visit me I will stand outside the dressing room and tell you exactly what to buy (in a friendly, non-domineering way, though!). But the best part is that you can take whatever it is that you do buy (or the free Canvas tote that they'll be handing out at the event), and have it hand-stenciled by Lily Raskind, of much-loved label Sunshine & Shadow. See, she'll be with me on this whirlwind tour.

I'm going to snap up this Rag Tote and have Raskind do one of her signature prints on the inside pocket. It's like an updated--and abstract--monogram!

Meanwhile, I'm obviously going to have to find some extra time to shop the rest of the city, too, so if you have any boutiques or off-beat stores to recommend, please, please send them my way! (Sounds like I need to visit Sunshine Daydream for authentic vintage band tees and Burnie's Rock Shop for jewelry.)

We'll be at Lands End Canvas on Saturday, May 15th from 11AM to 3PM (411 State St., 608-257-4900).

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