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What Do You Wear to the Beach?

I'm determined to break my lazy habit of wearing my normal vacation clothes to the beach and then getting frustrated that they are more or less destroyed by the elements (sand, saltwater, sunscreen). I love the idea of dressing for the beach in flowing caftans or sarongs, but I've never allowed myself to purchase anything as decadent as an article of clothing specifically created for beach or poolside afternoons. But I am being seduced by the cool offerings available right now.

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I love this deep purple sarong for its versatility: skirt, dress, even beach blanket...the beauty of this piece is that it's meant to get sandy andwet, and I like to think that would make it even better.

This Gap black tunic evokes a New England beach excursion in the best way. After filming a DIYvideo with Wool and the Gang, I'm officially smitten with cozy knitcover-ups for the beach.

This is me in Tulum Fantasyland, but this tunic is so wildly chic; it screams"I spend all my summers shoeless and draped in turquoise jewelry." Imean, somehow the sand and water would inevitably sully this piecebut that feels excusable when you imagine it paired with espadrilles and chunky banglesfor a seaside dinner out.

*Aside: this swim site, sirenecollection.com, launched last week and has the most seductive selection of beachwear-- it's become an office obsession.

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