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3 Recent Photos of Cameron Diaz in a Bikini Prove That She Has a Type

Today marks the release of Cameron Diaz's new movie, Knight and Day, also starring Tom Cruise, and--no surprise here--she looks amazing in a scene where she sports a stylish bright red bikini.

The 37-year-old is no stranger to beachwear; she is practically the master of the sporty-sexy swimsuit. So I compared some of her recent personal choices to her movie wardrobe. (Click through to see images.)

Scene from Knight and Day

In Hawaii earlier this month. (Photo: Spike.com)

Back in February soaking up some sun in the Caribbean. (Photo: The Superficial)

Both on set and off, it seems that her go-to look is a stringy option in a solid color. I have to give it to her, she definitely knows what works best on her body. (Then again, she could probably wear a brown paper bag and still look good.)

Do you have a favorite bikini style?

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