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Do You Love To Match? Salma Hayek Shows Off a Red Trifecta: Lipstick, Belt, and Shoes

At the New York premiere ofGrown Ups , Salma Hayek stepped out wearing a beautiful strapless Yves Saint Laurent knee-length white dress (that also appears to have a set of practical pockets made pretty by some girly ruffle trim).

The truly noteworthy aspect of her ensemble, however, was not any one piece, but rather her perfect coordination: red lips, a red belt, and red shoes.

(Photo: Celebrity-Gossip.net)

Without a doubt, the star pulled off the look. (And in fact, we were so inspired by her sexy pout that evening that we quickly added her to our roundup of celebrities who have mastered bold red lipstick.)

She looked great, but I wondered if I would try a matching ensemble like this. Would you?

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