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Will Michelle Williams' New Haircut Sweep the Nation?

I stood next to Michelle Williams once at my local dry cleaner in Brooklyn, and did the whole I'm-oblivious-to-the-fact-you're-a-celebrity glance (but really, my insides were screaming "Jen Lindley!"). She looked understated and somehow still glamorous, with her hair in a pony, dressed in skinny jeans and an oversize sweatshirt, picking up carpets. I remember thinking--carpets?! That's so fancy to get your carpets dry-cleaned! (Me, I dust buster mine.)

My impression of her as down-to-earth yet incredibly sophisticated has now been reinforced by her ridiculously jaw-dropping-amazing new cut she debuted at the premiere ofBlue Valentine at Cannes. It's not as Mia Farrow as her last go with a pixie--keeping some length at the top makes it look a little more playful and feathery (almost as if it were cut by a Flowbee), the soft, platinum shade is edgy yet ethereal, and of course, the fact that it's a short cut makes it low-maintenance in terms of styling. I'm predicting that like the Rihanna, stylish women everywhere are going to go running to salons, Michelle Williams' picture in hand.

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