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Can You Create An Entire Wardrobe In Just 10 Pieces? We Can

Our online writer Meredith Stebbins and I got into a long discussion yesterday about how awesome it would be to open a multi-label boutique that carried only variations on the "basics."

Imagine it with me: Rows of beautiful takes on the classic pump, motorcycle jackets in lace, leather, denim, brocade...you get the idea. The black trouser, button-down shirts in every style and kind of fabric, trenchcoats, little black dresses, peacoats... And that's all we sourced, season after season. The perfect pieces you never can seem to find when you actually need them...Time-saving, ultimate bliss!

Left to right: Silk dot top, $85, vogel10.com; Silk wrap skirt, $165, vogel10.com; Sheath dress, $150, vogel10.com

Until that fateful day, there is Vogel10, recently launched by former Park Vogel co-designer Vanessa Park. With the ethos that you only need "10 versatile pieces to make a wardrobe," Park's concept is to offer 7 affordable off-beat basics from her Vogel 10 collection, and 3 accessories from designers she finds on her travels. And the items are available for one month only, before new essentials-with-a-twist arrive.

She also believes you should be able to pack for a vacation in under 10 minutes. With her new website, you may indeed be able to achieve such pre-vacation happiness.

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