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Sidewalk Hotness: Stila And Cynthia Rowley's Guerrilla Fashion Show!

I saw a preview of Cynthia Rowley's new resort collection yesterday--not in a showroom, but on the sidewalk outside our office building! Stila makeup artist Jason Araujo did the looks: great-even-at-high-noon-in-full-sidewalk-sun makeup.

Despite the heat (not to mention being smack in the middle of Times Square) their faces looked beautifully matte. (This, surely, was helped by the fact that Stila's new whipped foundation is waterproof.)

Araujo used these all-in-one colors on the girls' lips, eyes, and cheeks; I love the glowy, uniform effect.

Can you believe how summer and pretty they all looked?

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

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