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"That's An Odd Question to Ask A Man," Said Justin Timberlake

I will tell you everything this fall, when the two incredibly-fantastic-smelling fragrances by Givenchy that Mr. Timberlake is representing--both for women, both in the most adorable packaging you've ever seen--can actually be purchased.

What I will divulge is the question that provoked this comment, and the answer...

"Justin," I asked, "What's your favorite beauty product that's NOT a fragrance?" He looked startled. "That's an odd question to ask a man," he said.

"Grooming," I allowed. "Your favorite product, like if you were on a desert island." I regretted saying desert island, because people often respond with Um...sunscreen? when you put it that way.

But Mr.Timberlake (he was somewhat formal, so I'm not feeling "Justin") did not give the expected answer. He thought, and thought, and then he had it: Ole Henriksen Vitamin C face wash. I wanted to shriek my agreement--I have that very face wash in my medicine cabinet at home--but I restrained myself. Shades of Uma Thurman.

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