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Exclusive: Designer Tracy Reese Talks About Being a Michelle Obama Favorite

Michelle Obama has been spotted in an assortment of amazing Tracy Reese dresses recently, so when I caught up with the designer at a party to celebrate the opening of Target's first Manhattan store, I had just one question for her: What is it like to bea first lady favorite?
"It feels so good," said Reese as she laughed and then went on toexplain how she met Obama for the first time at a fundraiser just twoand a half years ago. "She gave me a big hug and she was like, 'I loveyour things and I admire your work so much!'"

Naturally,the designer was flattered--to say the least. "I was, shell-shocked,"she says, "because I didn't even know that she knew who I was, and whywould she?"

She vividly recalls what Obama said next: "'I'd love to be wearing your clothes.'" To which, Reese (smartly) replied, "I would love that, it would be such an honor."

While almost anything from the feminine chic label would look amazing on the first lady, a lot of thought is given to what is sent to the White House for consideration.

"I don't think she wants to be fussing with her clothes all day," says Reese on the topic of Obama's sartorial requirements. "I wouldn't want to send her anything that didn't work for every occasion."

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