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Why Does Katy Perry Love OPI Gel Nails So Much?

Because they're the future:It's a future where your nails don't chip anymore. Or at least that's the way my friend Erin sees it. "You can go three to four weeks with absolutely no chipping," she insists. Apparently the only reason you go back to the nail place is when you're sick of the color or it's just grown out too much (you have to go to a nail salon to get gel color--that's just how it is). When I saw Erin's nails, it looked like she'd had them done that afternoon (super glossy), when in fact her manicure was a week old. Crazy.

And the price is only about $20 more than your typical New York manicure (around $15). Companies like OPI offer gel versions of their most popular shades and the service is becoming available in more and more salons.

So: Should I take the plunge?

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