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LaRok's Original Founders Launch Effortlessly Cool Label Ace & Jig

Label: Ace & Jig

Who: Brooklyn-based Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, the same dynamic best friend duo who launched the now-multi-million dolllar LaRok back in 2004.

When: Now

Where to Buy It: Steven Alan, Honey in The Rough, Planet Blue, Blue and Cream

Prices: $100 to $260

Why We Love It: Simple in its conception--the entire collection is loosely based on just one unique machine washable yarn-dye cotton-linen fabric that they have hand-loomed in India by an ethical factory--the clothes are also pretty seasonless. They're pieces you could layer over a turtleneck and tights in winter or a bikini in summer and look forever chic (When does a striped shirt go out of style? Never.)

Our Favorite Pieces: The Baja Hoodie ($200, above left) is Lucky creative director Andrea Linett's fave (it's on her Babble page in the current August issue); the day dress ($180, above right) and scout shirt ($150, below left) are additional musts.

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