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Two Quintessentially American Brands Collaborate: Keds and Gap

Even though I grew up in the '80s, and pretty much every one of my peers had a pair, I have never owned Keds--but that is about to change.

The iconic shoe brand has collaborated with Gap on an exclusive collection of slip-ons in six different colors, and I plan to buy the red ones.

Usually I don't get very excited about sneakers, as it can be a fine line between looking sporty chic and just plain frumpy. In order to accomplish any kind of cute outfit with athletic shoes, you need ones that are uncomplicated and effortless--and these new Keds for Gap hit the mark.

While I initially considered white, I think I might get more mileage out of a darker pair that will withstand the wear and tear (and dirt) of New York City.

Do you have a favorite pair of wear-about-town sneakers in your closet?

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