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Supergoop Sunscreen Wipes: Unmeltable, Unsweatable, Ocean-Proof SPF

I'm very diligent when it comes to applying sunscreen, but sometimes it's just no match for the ocean...or the heat. There's nothing more annoying than slathering yourself in liquid sunscreen only to see it all float away in a BP-like oil slick as soon you hit the water. But not all sunscreens are equal: This weekend I tried out Supergoop Sunscreen Wipes.

They're incredibly easy to apply and leave you and your hands completely un-sticky. They also really work: Even after going in and out of the water you can still tell you've got sunscreen on. But my favorite thing about these is that it takes less than a minute to make sure you're completely covered. Which then makes it even easier for you to actually reapply in a few hours.

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