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Alexa Chung Proves That Nail Art Can Actually Be Pretty Cute

Pretty much everything that Alexa Chung wears, I love (which is not to say that I would necessarily try to emulate all of her outfits--some things, like high-waisted leather shorts, are best left to her).

Her look at Mulberry's fall launch party in L.A. the other week was no exception. But it wasn't just her clothes that caught my eye this time. Her manicure--what appeared to be tiny black hearts on white polish--was surprising and cool.

Though Alexa isn't the first celebrity to sport unusual polish (Rihanna, Fergie, and Lindsay Lohan have all done crazy things to their nails in the recent past), it wasn't until I saw Chung's take on the trend that I started to think that nail art could actually be really charming.

Would you try a print on your nails?

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