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Bird by Juicy Couture's Holiday Collection Couldn't Be Any Further From Velour Sweats

If you still only associate the Juicy label with a track suit (admittedly, it's an image seared into our collective conscience), it's time to reacquaint yourself with the brand and all of its diffusion collections that fall far outside the purview of velour sweats. With the angelically glamorous Erin Fetherston installed as the creative consultant and its ongoing, contemporary-priced Bird collection, Juicy is quietly reworking its image and offering a range of clothing and accessories for those who want more than plushy loungewear.

Here are a few pieces from the Bird holiday line. There's lots of black, just the right amount of drama for the season, and a dressed-up, fashiony feeling that's about as far from airplane garb as you can get.

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