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Hermes' New Site Is All About Scarves And How to Tie Them

Last week Hermes launched J'aime Mon Carre, a microsite that focuses on one thing and one thing only: the company's extremely beloved printed scarves. (Have you heard of scarfies? They're die-hard Hermes scarf junkies.)

Undoubtedly inspired by Burberry's wildly successful Art of the Trench, this cool new addition showcases beautiful images of several handpicked stylish individuals wearing their Hermes scarves in all sorts of ways.

The group of girls currently being featured is divided by city (New York, Tokyo, and Paris) and includes trendsetters like Harley Viera Newton and Courtney Falsey.

While there are tons of offerings, from videos to style Q&As, perhaps the coolest feature allows you to click on a photo to see a diagram of how to tie your scarf in the exact same way.

Have you invested in an Hermes scarf?

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