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Louise Roe Dishes On Her New CW Show--And What it Was Really Like to Work with Olivia

You may know her from the second season of The City , but L.A.-based Brit Louise Roe is no longer living in Olivia Palermo's shadow--she now has her own show on The CW, Plain Jane , writes a style column called Front Roe for MSN, and has various other fashionable projects in the works. (We would just like to mention that we knew she was going to make it big when we featured her as our Lucky Girl last October.)

Yesterday, we caught up with Louise and had the chance to ask her about her relationships with former ELLE co-workers, her latest TV gig, her sartorial inspirations, and her must-haves for fall.

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(Photo: Courtesy of The CW)

Meredith: How was your time on The City ?

Louise : It was fantastic. It was so much fun! Whitney is a doll, I love her to death. Obviously Joe Zee is an absolute legend in the industry, so it was great to work with him. Erin had great energy. People always ask about Olivia, but she really was so pleasant to me. She was very polite and very sweet and I can honestly not say a bad thing about her from my experience.

M : Well now you have a new show on the air, can you tell me a little about it?

L : It's called Plain Jane . It's a makeover show, but it's got a very John-Hughes-romantic-comedy feel to it. That's how I sum it up. It's kind of that cute wallflower girl who you root for because we've all had those moments, like disasters with guys, disasters with hair and fashion, and I take her on a journey that really makes her over, inside and out.

(Photo: Courtesy of The CW)

M : Do you feel then like this project is very gratifying?

L : Hugely. I've never enjoyed a job more, hand on my heart. In fact, I don't even see it as a job because I really bond with them and make sure that off camera we hang out and chat and they know that I actually care and have their back.

M : Are you filming at the moment?

L : We just finished filming and the show started airing last week.

M : Do you have a break?

L : Not really! I have one day off on Saturday, but it's okay! It's cool, we're doing a lot of fashion promos and I'm off to New York for some work next week.

M : Since you are coming out here, what do you feel is the biggest difference in terms of how you dress when you are in New York versus when you are in L.A.?

L : I don't change it up too much. Same with London, there are subtle differences. I think in New York you can be a little bit edgier and be bold, you can wear dark colors, more trousers, more funky leather pieces or whatever. Whereas here in L.A., I'll wear more little dresses, bright things, and one-shoulder tops. But I don't change it too much. I kind of have my own way of dressing.

(Photo: Courtesy of The CW)

M : How would you describe your personal style?

L : It's definitely quite '70s influenced. My icons are Lauren Hutton, Mia Farrow, and Brigitte Bardot. Women with a slightly naughty understated elegance. I love jumpsuits, I love one-shoulders, I love oranges and gold, and wavy messy hair all over the place. I also love high-waist flares; I've got a great pair of those. And always a super-high heel.

M : What are some trends you'll be embracing or pieces you are coveting for fall?

L : I've finally succumbed to a pair of mules. I didn't like them at first!

M : What kind of mules?

L : Mule clogs! They're Steve Madden, they've got studs and little straps at the back. They're quite comfy because they've got the platform. I also just love that kind of femme fatale sharp shoulders look right now. It's quite slimming on the body in terms of silhouette and it makes your waist look very small.

Catch Plain Jane on The CW Wednesdays at 9/8c and follow Louise on Twitter @louiseroe

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