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Taylor Momsen Launches Material Girl at Macy's In Lots of Makeup and Very Little Clothing

It was a mob scene yesterday afternoon for the launch of Madonna and daughter Lourdes' clothing line, Material Girl, at Macy's. But fans weren't lined up to catch a glimpse of Madge. Instead, teens and tweens were desperately trying to take pictures with the face of the brand, Taylor Momsen, the former Gossip Girl and current lead singer for The Pretty Reckless .

"I am very excited to say the least," said the seventeen-year-old about her involvement with the label, which she was wearing head-to-toe.

The scene at Macy's yesterday

"It was crazy," said Momsen of getting shot for the campaign by Madonna. "When I got [to the set], Lola was there, packing up the clothes, and Madonna came a little bit later, checked the camera and sort of moved me around and moved chains and the backgrounds. She's very hands-on."

The edgy-cool Material Girl line seems to fit seamlessly with the young star's own sense of style, which has changed since we first got to know her as the cute-as-a-button Jenny Humphrey. Insisting that the sartorial evolution has been drastic "only to the public eyes," the starlet said that her old look was the work of stylists. "I was the loser, kind of goth-y chick in school, but you know, you hire people to dress you."

Momsen taking a picture with a fan

And then she was whizzed away, so I missed the opportunity to quiz her about her eye makeup (as she has recently been sporting some seriously heavy-duty eyeliner.) What do you think of her outfit, and of the line?

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