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Atelier Cologne Absolue in Orange Sanguine: From The Jean Godfrey-June Files

You know the moment when someone's just peeled a really good orange in the cubicle next to yours, and you're wishing, wishing, wishing, and kicking yourself that you didn't think to bring an orange to work? This new French perfumesmells even better, the perfect balance of peel-bitterness and juice-freshness, plus unidentifiable background-sophistication ingredients that make it even more appealing.
It's called a "cologne absolue" because it is not cologne, it just smells like a traditional cologne; unlike traditional cologne, it is concentrated and thus lasting. In fact, it is the longest-lasting citrus scent I have ever encountered, and on top of that it is also the best-smelling one. I keep spraying it on even though I don't need to--I truly can't stop myself. (Orange Sanguine, P.S., means blood orange, which of course sends me into even more of a frenzy.)



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