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Lady Gaga Gets a Fragrance Deal!

THIS is something I cannot wait to see--and smell. Lady Gaga is teaming up with French fragrance giant Coty (the house behind a slew of successful celebrity fragrance lines, including Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry) to launch her own signature scent in the spring of 2012. Based on her taste for drama in fashion and performance, I have a feeling the bottle is going to be ridiculous, and the notes themselves will most certainly go beyond the usual suspects of sandalwood, apple, and gardenia. If I were the perfumer, I'd create a mixture of the following:

Photo: Ladygaga.com

1. Aquolina Pink Sugar: This cotton candy scent would be a perfect note to accentuate the ad visual. I can see her pink cumulus-cloud updo already.

2. Nasomatto China White:Let's just say it's the scent of Studio 54 ...

3. Etat Libre d'Orange Jasmine Et Cigarettes: This fragrance is exactly what it says: a blend of a gorgeous feminine flower with the dirty and slightly rebellious odor of tobacco.

4. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather:Tom Ford IS sex, something Gaga is pretty open about. Plus, she certainly isn't afraid of showing a lot of leather.

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