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Obsession-Worthy (and Bargain-Priced) Sweats

I've never been a big sweatpants person, but cruising past the clothing aisles at Target the other day, I spotted a pair of sweats that I ended up buying impulsively--and have since sparked a full-blown obsession.

I've hardly taken them off since, which probably has to do with the fact that they're literally the most comfortable item in my closet. They're made of a triblend material that's a lot more lightweight than the usual terry, and that's also awesomely, crazy-soft. The fit is very different than the usual sweats I've seen, too--they're straight and lean through the legs and cropped just above the ankles. And since the material is relatively thin, they drape nicely against your body. Add to that a low rise and drawstring waist, and they're actually pretty flattering.

Equally amazing is the hoodie from the same Mossimo Supply Co. collection (which I noticed on a return trip to the store to get a duplicate pair of sweats): it too has slim-fit, long skinny arms (which are hard to come by in hoodies) and falls over the hips, so it's a particularly good one to wear with leggings. Both come in the perfect, classic shade of heather gray, as well as several other colors, like charcoal (next on my list) and a muted red.

Oh, and both the sweatpants and hoodie ring in at a super-affordable $18.

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