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Rebecca Romijn On Getting Dressed: "It's Whatever is Cleanest And Closest To The Bed"

"It is so scary. They are at the age right now where I am just afraid one of them might die," said Rebecca Romijn of her 18-month-old twins this morning at the Cynthia Rowley show.

By the look of her today, in mega-heels and an adorable navy-and-black Rowley minidress, you'd never know that the supremely pulled-together actress was frantically running after two toddlers only hours earlier.

"Really, it's whatever is cleanest and closest to the bed," said Romijn of how she gets dressed these days.

Though she favors comfort over style at the moment, there is one concession the actress is hesitant to make: "I want to stay away from the sneakers look all the time," she explained. "I am always looking for beautiful flats that I can spend the entire day in."

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