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Sara Millionaire: A Rocker Girl's Five Closet Essentials

A style afficionado with a penchant for runway fashion and rock and roll, 25-year-old Sara Millionaire showcases her edgy-chic taste on her blog,wr2bam.com (which stands for Waitin' Round 2 Be A Millionaire, just in case you didn't catch that). This week, she's sharing all her greatest tips with us on Lucky Right Now, from must-have staples for rockers to the pop culture icons who most influence her look.

"Essential items" lists are a dime a dozen, but they almost always focus on super-conventional stuff--you know, Exactly What You Must Have in Your Closet in Order to Be Successfully Dressed. Crisp white shirts and classic trenches are all well and good for a certain type of girl, but what about those of us who like a little more edge in our wardrobes? Here's one rock and roller's contribution to the essential items pantheon.

1. The perfect black leather motorcycle jacket (like this one from Topshop, $160) is the khaki trench of the heavy metal set: goes with everything, makes everything look cooler, equally at home over a threadbare tee or a cocktail dress. (I have a vintage Slayer tack pin on my leather jacket's lapel; the skull and crossbones one here is from biker-pins.com.)

2. Oversize T-shirts in a variety of colors and patterns are absolutely required. My go-tos are the mens' BDG tees from Urban Outfitters, which are a mere $24 for two and feel amazingly slouchy, soft, and lived-in.

3. When it comes to bottoms, formfitting leggings with a little added interest like this Cheap Monday pair ($50 at Karmaloop) feel tougher than jeans (any rocker girl will tell you that skinnier is better).

4. Invest in a heavy-duty pair of black leather riding boots (harnesses or buckles optional, but badass, as on this Clark pair, $160 at Zappos) and you won't have to worry about what shoes to wear until summer. They go with everything and make you feel extremely cool (and did I mention badass?).

5. When it comes to accessories, simple but solid is the way to go. Fringed scarves like this one from Forever 21 add texture and interest, and this pyrite knuckle duster from Luv Aj ($99, Shopbop) makes a major statement.

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