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Sarah Jessica Parker Lets Oscar de la Renta Choose Her Outfits

Sarah Jessica Parker, a longtime fan of Oscar de la Renta, came out yesterday to support the designer's spring 2011 collection.

"It is so beautiful in here," she said, making her way to her seat inside the elegant Park Avenue ballroom event space. Since this was not the kind of show where paparazzi are allowed to swarm the front row, SJP was able to chat up fellow attendees for a few minutes before the show got under way, and also took a moment to kindly snap photos with fans who approached her.

Though it ran a couple minutes behind schedule (it became clear once a somewhat tardyAnna Wintour took her spot immediately next to the actress just who everyone was waiting for), when the models did finally hit the runway SJP was visibly very taken with the pieces, attentively admiring each look and oohing and ahhing at several of the dresses.

"I loved everything," she said of the collection as she tried to make her way outside afterward in the midst of a major downpour. Hopefully she had an umbrella since she was dressed in an ODLR jacket and skirt."We tend to talk about it a little bit," said SJP of how she consults with the designer when borrowing clothing from him. "But I like to leave it to his discretion. What better counsel than Mr. de la Renta?"

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