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The Best Non-Gym Leggings?

I've decided I need at least one pair of black leggings in my life to wear apart from exercise (is there anything else out there more sleek yet comfortable?) though this is new sartorial territory for me, and I'm not entirely sure where to turn. I'm assuming there are at least a few of you out there who have done this before, so I'm calling on you for some guidance.

My criteria is pretty simple: I'd like them to have some weight and thickness to them, so ideally they'd somehow feel more pants-like than gym-like. I'd like the material to be completely matte. I'd like them to be ankle length. And I'd really like to spend less than $50. Thoughts?

PS: Once upon a time I read that Vera Wang lives in Danskin's Supplex Leggings, which, according to the company's site, offer "compression throughout the hip area" (who doesn't like the sound of that?) and ring in at $36. Anyone else out there tried them?

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