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Ombre Hair for the Already-Blonde

Going ombre doesn't really sound difficult. It's the kind of effortlessly cool look that Drew Barrymore, Lauren Conrad, Angela Lindvall (here at the opening of Chanel's new Soho boutique) and countless surfers get so right. But the truth is it's hard to get there if your hair is already highlighted--right up to the roots. Lowlights are not the answer: Layered over bleach, they tend to fade and create muddy or brassy tones.

Photo: nymag.com

You can let your roots grow out several inches, about down to your ears, and focus all future highlights on the lower half of your hair. (But never place bleach on already-lightened areas.)

Alternately, try a less-extreme-highlight diet: Space your color treatments further apart, and do just a few tiny streaks near the roots each time to connect the regrowth to the blonder areas below.

Either way it's worth it in the end: Ombre haircolor is easier on most skin tones than bright blonde, it looks super-cool and mysterious, and could not be easier to maintain.

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