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Behind the Jeans: Meet Jac, Madewell's Resident Denim Expert

Throughout the month of October, Lucky editors are crisscrossing the country with Madewell on their annual Denim Roadtrip. This week, the Madewell team is guest blogging for Lucky Right Now.

Our Scottish-born denim designer, Jac, is in love with all things denim. She travels the globe in search of the best denim sources, and she keeps her collection of vintage Madewell jeans under serious lock and key. To her, a well-made jean makes the world go round--and should look even cooler as the years go by. Here's what she's loving lately...

Jane Birkin in Paris, 1976. (Photo: Libero)

Denim Heroes: Jane Birkin in the '70s, American cowboys

Morning Ritual: Running along the East River in NYC, then a Juicy Lucy Acai smoothie

Fave Blogs: them-thangs.com, thekillingmoonconfused.blogspot.com

Books You'll Never Give Away: Post Office by Bukowski, The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman by Bruce Robinson

Current TV Obsession: Peep Show (it's a UK sitcom)

On Your iPod: The Black Keys, Brothers.

Dream Fall Getaway: A weekend in Puerto Rico, staying at the Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan

Older Movies You Still Watch: Harold and Maude, Withnail and I

Favorite Madewell Jean of the Moment: Skinny Skinny Jeans

Jac, Madewell's denim designer. Check out the video featuring her below!

To see Jac's denim brilliance in action (she also designs our much-loved chambray and denim shirts), head over to madewell.com.

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