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Erica Domesek: P.S. - I Made This...Book!

All this week, crafting queen Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This will be sharing her favorite make-it-yourself looks.

Hi! I'm Erica Domesek and I'm lucky to be blogging with Lucky magazine!

PS- I like to make things! Beautiful things that stop me in my tracks inspire everything I make. From fashion runways, magazines (like Lucky!), to nature, blogs, and everywhere in between I'm constantly in awe. I see it. I like it. I make it is the way I live my life.

My book, P.S.- I Made This..., was born from my blog--which was an extension of a craft club I created with my best friends where I showed them how to make accessories, jewelry, and apparel. One of my favorite projects in the book, which also graces cover, is The Bouncy Ball Necklace. All you need is a pair of tights, a few bouncy balls, and scissors! Get your friends together for your own craft club, and try this necklace and the other cool projects in the book. And stay tuned for more easy projects here on Lucky Right Now.

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