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Flash Poll: What's Your Skin Regimen at Night?

Last night as I was applying a bit of Fresh Umbrian Clay to the parts of my face that weren't already slathered with serum or Retin-A, I realized I looked like something rescued from the BP oil disaster: oily, shiny, and tar-colored. Crazy (and scary) as it sounds, it's my go-to routine for glowy, clear skin in the morning. Here, more Lucky editor before-bedtime routines:

Left: Umbrian clay face treatment, $48, fresh.com; Right: Cetaphil face cleanser, $20.97, amazon.com

Maura Lynch, senior beauty editor: Now that I've written this down, it sounds like a lot...but I swear it takes less than three minutes. I remove makeup with Kiehl's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, wash my face with either Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser (if my skin feels oily) or Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk(if my skin feels dry), and then I put on Kate Somerville Hydrakate Line Release serum and Orlane Anagenese 25 + cream and eye serum. And a couple of times a week, I'll exfoliate either with La Prairie 3 Minute Peel or Kate Somerville Enzyme Mask.

Margaret Williamson, fashion assistant: I use Vaseline to remove my mascara and condition my eyelashes, then put a nickel-sized blob of face wash--the same one that I have used since the 8th grade, my Brevoxyl-4 prescription--onto my Clarisonic. I pat my face dry and moisturize with a little bit of Cetaphil face cream. If I miss two nights in a row, it gets real zit-y up in here.

Nicola Miller, senior associate fashion editor: Oy! It takes me FOREVER to apply all this stuff! Plus, is there such a thing as too much anti-wrinkle nonsense? Face wash: Kiehl's Acai Damage-Minimizing cleanser; eye cream: Kate Somerville Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream; anti-wrinkle serum: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum; face cream: Ole Henrikson Express the Truth cream

Ray Siegel, fashion assistant: I apply Cetaphil cleanser on my Clarisonic to wash my face, then once a week I use this Jurlique mask. If I have a blemish, I use the Sonya Dakar Drying Potion as a spot treatment.

Mireille Hyde, associate beauty editor: Due to severe laziness, I'm relying almost solely on Ole Henricksen Truth To Go face wipes...but when I need something stronger (at least once a week), I reach for this self-heating exfoliation polish system from DDF.

Jenna Gottlieb, editorial assistant: My fairly bare-bones routine consists of Neutrogena's unscented liquid facial cleanser and warm water to rinse. Afterward, I apply Boscia's intensive eye treatment, which despite its name is a really light and refreshing undereye moisturizer and eye cream that's great on dry, sensitive skin, like mine.

Jessica Moore, art assistant: My night routine isn't too complicated, but it definitely takes commitment. When I first get home I use eye makeup remover and wash my face with Aveeno foaming cleanser. Right before bed I use a prescription benzoyl peroxide wash called Triaz. Then I apply Differin lotion to my face and wait about half an hour. After that I apply an antioxidant night cream called Silk that is sold at my dermatologist's office. The key to my routine is everything has to be as gentle as possible. I have very sensitive, oily skin and anything that causes even a minor irritation will make me break out.

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