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Huge, Mad Men-Esque Hair For Halloween

I'm going to a costume-not-negotiable Halloween party next week and since (true to form) I haven't managed to plan a thing, I'll be wearing the circa-1960s Mad Men style cocktail dress hanging neglected in my closet. (I bought it last year on a whim because it fits SO perfectly, but I've failed to wear it because every time I put it on I feel like I'm--well--in a costume.)

Even though it's authentic, the dress begs more effort than a swipe of red lipstick to look "period" and not just "ironically dressed Williamsburg denizen." Nude stockings and vintage pumps should be easy enough to scavenge for this weekend, but the question remains...my hair.

Photo: What Will I Wear Today

It doesn't hold curl that easily (though I suppose if I'm going for authentic, using twice the hairspray I'm comfortable with might add to the effect), and it's not incredibly long or thick, making a Betty Draper-style beehive an ambitious undertaking. First stop on my search will be Ricky's, which has a number of promising-looking clip-in foam "donuts" for plumping up an updo.

So what do you think: Extensions? Classic pin curls? Let me know if you have any tips!!!

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