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Willow Smith--Hair Icon?

I tend to get annoyed by overly precocious youngsters, but I just cannot resist Willow Smith's catchy Whip My Hair, or her boundary-pushing style choices. The girl is 9 years old, and I'm pretty sure she just invented a new hairstyle (with the help of stylist Marcia Hamilton)--the "heart hawk."

Part faux-hawk, part...sculpture, Marcia wrapped Willow's braids around a wire, secured them with glue, and added in some shine with It&ly Hair Fashion's Pure Definition hairspray. Aside from the fact that putting wire in your hair sounds inherently sort of dangerous, how cool is that? Well done, Willow. Soon enough, I won't even associate your name with the heroic dwarf that saves a special baby and carries a long stick.

Photo: Courtesy Roc Nation

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

We're sure that you've noticed the flood of spam in the comments section lately. Spammers beware--we are completely on top of it. As we figure out a way to put a stop to this madness, we ask you for your patience and that you don't stop leaving your own comments, because we love hearing from you!