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Madewell's Easy Denim Styling Tricks

Throughout the month of October, Lucky editors are crisscrossing the country with Madewell on their annual Denim Roadtrip. This week, the Madewell team is guest blogging for Lucky Right Now.

Our Denim Roadtrip is rolling right along (next stop: Seattle on 10/21--RSVP here), and over the past couple of weeks, we've picked up some inspired jean styling tricks from our fellow passengers and partners in crime, Lucky editors Elise Loehnen and Jenny Kang. Click through for our three absolute favorite ways to instantly (and easily!) update your denim look.

1. Denim on Denim: This is one of our favorite looks for fall, and it's so easy to do. Just follow one simple rule: Mix up your blues. For example, we love the subtle contrast of a lighter-wash chambray shirt worn with darker indigo jeans. Also, don't be afraid to pair a faded jean jacket with dark, sleek skinny jeans--we love the cool contrast.

2. Casually Cuffed : For a quick denim fix--and an authentically borrowed-from-your-boyfriend look--loosely roll and cuff a pair of straight-leg jeans right at the ankle or just an inch above. If skinny is your jean of choice, roll the cuff about four inches above the ankle and finish the look with cute socks and ankle boots. Same jeans, new style--and yes, people notice.

3. Play with Proportion : We're in love with this season's crop of slouchy trouser jeans. They look great on everyone, but the key to making them feel feminine and modern is to contrast the jeans' comfy silhouette by pairing them with sleek ankle booties--preferably in a bold color. They balance out the look and add a dose of sleek femininity.

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