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Napoleon Perdis On: How To Get Glowy Skin

All this week, makeup guru Napoleon Perdis is sharing his most tried-and-true beauty tips here on Lucky Right Now.

It all comes down to three little letters: SMP. They happen to be my wife's initials but they also refer to serum, moisturizer, and primer--a trio of products that forms the basis of any glow.

Everyone needs an invigorating skin serum. I'm addicted to my Napoleon Complex serumand use it on all my clients, whether they're a model, celeb, orcivilian. The right serums create a radiant complexion. Followwith moisturizer with SPF and primer. The latter has a touch of colorand coverage.

Another idea is to mix a luminizer with your foundation, or apply it strategically to highlight the forehead, bridge of the nose, and tops of the cheekbones. I used this technique at a fashion show in Sydney a few months ago, and the models looked like a troupe of ethereal goddesses.

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